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Cars.com Knows How to Prepare for a Road Trip Properly

Getting ready for a road trip requires a lot of planning, whether you're going with friends or family, but we don't tend to bring many practical items with us into the cabin beyond clothing and things we'll need once we arrive at our destination. However, the experts at Cars.com know that sometimes things happen on the road and it's important to be prepared. In the video below, you'll see lists for two kits you should have - an emergency kit and a convenience kit - and gain the peace of mind you deserve. Check it out…

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Why Are OEM Parts Important for Your Ford Model?



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So, your Ford model needs a part.

Whether you plan to fit your vehicle with the part yourself or enlist the help of the skilled technicians at our service center, it pays to use the right original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part.

What difference do OEM parts make?

When you use Ford certified OEM parts, you are guaranteed the same quality and thoughtfulness that went into creating the beloved car for which the parts are intended.

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Autotrader Reveals Hottest Car of Summer 2017

Are you looking for a new summer ride, but don't know where to start?

Autotrader just made searching easy with their list of the hottest cars of summer 2017.

And what is at the top of this list? Unsurprisingly, it's the beloved Ford F-150.

You might be asking why this isn't much of a surprise.

The Ford F-150 is a versatile, agile, and durable pickup truck that has continued to gain love from drivers over the course of 40 years since its debut in 1977.

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Emergency Roadside Kits Lead to Peace of Mind

Roadside emergency car kits should be in the trunk of every automobile being driven. Emergency kits are not just a good ideas but can mean life or death if an emergency situation arises.
Create a bag that holds an emergency supply kit. Items in the kit should be a small first aid kit. It is also a good idea to have non-perishable foods.
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Be A Weekend Warrior In The 2017 Ford Escape

Some drivers want to make sure their family is safe with a reliable and high-quality vehicles. Others simply want to have fun on the weekend and do some exciting exploring. The 2017 Ford Escape is the perfect choice for these weekend warriors. It has a unique combination of efficiency and raw power that makes it an excellent choice for those who want the most exciting, efficient, and powerful vehicle on the road.

Take a look at these crossover stats: 2.5L iVCT engine, auto start-stop, over 30 miles per gallon, an Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system, and the sleek and stylish…
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The Focus is on the Road

Did you know that the new 2017 Ford Focus features the SYNC 3 system that enables drivers to sync their phones and other mobile devices with Android Auto platforms as well as Apple CarPlay? Well you do now, and for young professionals and those purchasing their first real vehicles, these features are a must. Ford understands that and that your are looking for a vehicle that matches your style.

Image is very important to young up and coming professionals, and the 2017 Focus screams that you are smart, but still with it. Your family will not have to worry that…
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Oil Changes Prevent Unnecessary Inconveniences

Taking the time and effort to maintain your vehicle does much more than preserve the life of your car parts. You are also preventing unnecessary inconveniences from occurring in the future.

When it comes to oil changes, it’s easy to note how clean oil is beneficial to the engine overall. However, it can also benefit you in other ways. One of the things engine oil does is provide lubrication to other moving parts of your engine. When oil is full of debris, it’s unable to properly lubricate. This creates friction and can cause your engine to overheat. Unfortunately…
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