See the Features Equipped Inside of a 2018 Ford Escape

There is something therapeutic about having windows out of which you can see the world. The same is also true of the world on the go. Ford understands the importance of natural light, which is why it offers you the option of a Panoramic Vista Roof on its 2-18 Ford Escape.

The Panoramic Vista Roof has a large forward panel that either tilts out or opens up entirely, depending on the driver’s preferences. There is also a rear skylight that lets you get an all-around look at nature surrounding you on the highway. Imagine driving through the forest area…

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3 Tips to Changing a Flat Tire

You’re driving along in Cincinnati when you feel your vehicle shift. You’ve just experienced a flat tire. Before you make a big deal over what has just happened, you can change the flat tire easily on your own.

To ensure that you take care of changing the flat tire properly, you will want to make sure to loosen the lug nuts on the tire before you jack it up.

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The Essential Guide to Jump Start Another Car Safely

The only things you are going to need to jump-start another car are the jumper cables, safety glasses, gloves, and of course a running vehicle. Once the two vehicles are nose-to-nose, kill the engine, turn off the car lights, and open both car hoods.

After you are wearing your safety glasses and gloves, unravel your jumper cables with red/black on each end. 

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Transmission

The transmission is one of the more complicated parts of your vehicles because it contains many moveable parts. A transmission changes the gear of the engine, which in turn transfers the engine's power to the wheels.

With an automatic transmission, the shifting of gears is applied with the assistance of a torque converter that senses changes as you accelerate and shifts you to a higher gear. 

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How are Front Wheel Drive Engines Mounted?

Your vehicle's engine comes up with copious amounts of power each and every moment of operation. These rampant horses need a place to put all of their energy, and your vehicle's drivetrain provides an outlet for torque. This network runs from motor output-shafts to the axles of the vehicles. Axles are components that allow force to be transmitted to the wheels through a network of gears.

On front-wheel drive vehicles (FWD) the engines are usually mounted horizontally in the motor-compartments. 

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What Does Your Car's Alternator Do?

Your vehicle’s battery is responsible for starting the car with an initial electrical charge. Once your car’s running, however, the alternator steps in to keep everything charged. That includes the battery. It works off of the engine, and the two are connected by a rubber belt.

An alternator has a long life without the need for service. They typically last at least eight years. Your car’s warning light may tell you when there are signs of trouble with either a battery or alternator by name or by symbol. 

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Timing Belts Wear Out Over Time

The timing belt is one of the hardest working parts of an engine. It helps link the crankshaft to the camshaft, which in turn drives the timing of the valves and pistons. It can rotate hundreds of times a second and is also exposed to extreme temperature changes. While it is made of a very hard rubber, it still wears out over time and needs to be replaced. Our service team at Walt Sweeney Ford in Cincinnati, OH is able to help when it is time.

A worn out service belt will start to slip and fray long before it…

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