The Importance of Maintaining Your Transmission

The transmission is one of the more complicated parts of your vehicles because it contains many moveable parts. A transmission changes the gear of the engine, which in turn transfers the engine's power to the wheels.

With an automatic transmission, the shifting of gears is applied with the assistance of a torque converter that senses changes as you accelerate and shifts you to a higher gear. The reverse process happens as you slow down by shifting to a lower gear. A CVT(continuously variable transmission) goes a step beyond an automatic transmission by not using automatic gears. Instead, it chooses the most efficient engine speed for each situation and keeps it constant even if accelerating rapidly.

In order to keep the transmission running smoothly, it is necessary to change the transmission fluid and replace the filter periodically as directed by the owner's manual. We here at Walt Sweeney Glenway Ave in CIncinnati can service your transmission and replace the fluid and filter, thereby helping to keep your car in great running condition. Schedule an appointment today!

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