What Does Your Car's Alternator Do?

Your vehicle’s battery is responsible for starting the car with an initial electrical charge. Once your car’s running, however, the alternator steps in to keep everything charged. That includes the battery. It works off of the engine, and the two are connected by a rubber belt.

An alternator has a long life without the need for service. They typically last at least eight years. Your car’s warning light may tell you when there are signs of trouble with either a battery or alternator by name or by symbol. If you don’t see that displayed, there are symptoms that might alert you to alternator problems, one of which is lights dimming. The gauges on the instrument panel may also stop working.

Your alternator is likely telling you it’s time to have your vehicle serviced. Feel free to stop in to Walt Sweeney Ford when you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our experienced technicians can answer your questions and help get you back on the road.

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