What Will You Pull with Your Next Expedition

What makes the 2018 Ford Expedition different from previous generations of this popular full-size SUV? That’s the question that we want to answer for you today.

The 2018 has more power under the hood compared to previous generations. Regardless of the model that you choose, your 3.5L EcoBoost provides power to tow what you need for the next trip.

When you add in the 10 speed transmission, the power is delivered evenly to help provide a smooth ride.

With features like the CCD system and SelectShift transmission, the power is distributed where it needs to go so that you have the extra help needed for stability and traction.

Whatever you decide to use your 2018 Ford Expedition for, we invite you to stop in and see our team at Walt Sweeney Glenway Ave. Our team would be happy to answer your questions and let you take a test drive in Cincinnati.

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