There Are Truly Many Beneficial Features Found in the 2019 Ford Super Duty

There's nothing like having a pickup truck when you need to get things done. Whether you need to tow a load or haul material around Cincinnati, OH, pickup trucks are a great go-to vehicle. The 2019 Ford Super Duty stands among the very best pickups with a very impressive set of features.

When it comes to hauling a payload, the 2019 Super Duty excels. This year's model has lightened the body weight and increase the stiffness the frame by a factor of 24. The result of this is the ability to haul a maximum payload of 7640 pounds. This makes the Super Duty best in class in this regard.

Another feature that you'll learn about once you visit Walt Sweeney Glenway Ave is the available trailer reverse guidance system. This system uses cameras in the side mirrors and visual guides in the center dash screen to always be aware of where the trailer is going. The guides on the dash screen are constantly adjusted based on movements of the steering wheel.

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