The Ford Ranger Can Take You Anywhere

At Walt Sweeney Glenway Ave in Cincinnati, OH, we're proud of the line-up that we have to offer. The Ford Ranger is what we suggest for drivers interested in getting a mid-size pickup.

Standard on the Ford Ranger is the electronic shift-on-the-fly system. It comes with a dial that you can turn to switch between 2x4, 4x4 low, and 4x4 high modes. It gives you great control over how your truck performs when the conditions change.

If you plan on going off-roading, think about upgrading your truck with the FX4 Off-Road Package. The package's advanced features include Trail Control and the Terrain Management System. Trail Control lets you maintain a constant speed (between one and 20 mph) while on rugged terrain, adjusting the throttle and braking as needed. The Terrain Management System comes with different modes - normal, sand, mud/ruts, grass, and gravel/snow - so that you can optimize your driving.

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