Advanced Safety Features of the Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a popular passenger wagon and cargo van with several advanced safety features. Built with comfort and safety in mind, this van offers features such as roll stability control, curve control, optional rear-view cameras, and tire pressure monitoring systems.

When you are driving a cargo van or passenger van, you need complete control in slick conditions. The Transit Connect gives you that control with its electronic rollover stability and slip-side control. Ford's RSC technology determines how to use the brakes in slippery conditions. Cargo vans require proper tire pressure at all times. The Transit Connect offers a pressure monitoring system that lights up on the van's cluster screen when the tires are low.

When you test drive a Ford Transit Connect at Walt Sweeney Glenway Ave, explore this car's extensive safety features including HID headlamps, a safety canopy system, and an optional audio system with a rear-view cameral included.

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