Good News for Your Tire Maintenance

Tire safety is vital for protecting you and your passengers, in addition to keeping other drivers safe on the road. Most importantly, you want to make sure that your tires are up to standard for tread, side wall condition, and air pressure. If your tires are not in the proper condition then you’re putting yourself at a higher risk for causing an accident.
Did you know that over-inflated tires are just as bad as under-inflated tires? An over-inflated tire wears the tread down much faster and has a greater chance of picking up items on the road; such as nails, glass or screws. Having the proper air pressure allows your vehicle to perform at its most-efficient performance. It also provides you with a smother driving experience.
The good news is that at our dealership we can inspect your tires on a regular basis and provide you with the confidence in knowing you have a safer vehicle.
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