The Walt Sweeney Repair Process

1. Estimate, Authorize and Repair – Schedule an estimate appointment or drop by for a courtesy estimate. From there we can schedule a time to begin the repairs and order the parts.

2. X-Ray Repair Planning and Re-Inspection – X-Ray repair planning is a process of visually mapping the damaged areas of your vehicle, then meticulously disassembling your vehicle to discover all hidden, supplemental damages.

3. Structural Repair and Body Repair – One the supplemental estimate is approved by the insurance company and necessary parts have arrived, repairs continue. Any structural repairs are done on our frame machines utilizing a Chief Velocity Computerized Measuring System to return your vehicle to factory specifications. Damaged exterior panels are replaced or repaired and all metal finishing is corrosion protected, featheredged, primed, and block sanded.

4. Multi-Step Paint Refinishing – All surfaced to be refinished are first sanded and then chemically cleaned to assure a durable and excellent finish. Next, a surface sealer is applied. Paint for your vehicle is custom mixed based on your vehicle manufacturer color code utilizing a computerized paint mixing system. This color coat is applied and then finished with a final clear coat for a smooth, glossy finish, and is then baked to cure the paint.

5. Reassembly and Mechanical – The vehicle goes back to the body mechanic for final reassembly and to our mechanic for any mechanical operations that need to be completed. Also, any sublet extras are done at this time.

6. The Finishing Touches – After all repairs are completed, your vehicle receives a Premium Wash in our Detail Department!. A final quality check is performed by the manager to assure that your vehicle has been restored to its pre-accident condition. The manager will then call you to inform you that your vehicle is ready for pickup.

7. Delivery – Walt Sweeney Auto Body is open Monday—Friday (8am—6pm) for vehicle pick-up. There is always someone here that will be happy to answer any questions that you have. Your final paperwork will include your copy of our Lifetime Limited Warranty on the repairs to your vehicle. Any payments for repairs, including deductibles, must be settled at time of delivery.

Frequent Asked Questions

  • Do I need an Appointment for an Estimate? – No, an appointment isn’t required, but it can save you some time. Having said that, Walk In’s are always welcome.
  • Is There a Charge for an Estimate? – Nope
  • How Long Does and Estimate Take? – The extent of the damages will determine the time it takes to write the estimate. Generally an estimate takes between 15-30 minutes to complete.
  • Can I Get an Estimate Over the Phone? – Unfortunately that doesn’t work very well. Without seeing the damages to your vehicle there is no accurate way to quote anything. We invite you to stop by so we can give you something accurate in writing. Besides, we’re pretty nice folks! We’d like to meet you!
  • Do I need More that One Estimate? – No, the state of Ohio law requires that you only get one estimate.
  • Why is my Insurance Estimate Different than Yours? – Differences in estimates are quite common. There are differences in the three primary estimating systems (CCC, Mitchell, Audatex) used by most insurance companies and collision repair centers. A lower estimate may not include all necessary work to repair your vehicle. If you are not sure about another estimate you’ve received, we will be happy to go over it with you and explain any differences.
  • Do I Have the Right to Select the Shop to Repair My Vehicle? – Yes! The state of Ohio says you have the right to choose the shop where you wish to have your vehicle repaired.

Our Reviews

Heather Collier

Walt Sweeney Collision was able to schedule my repair several weeks before any other body shop in the area. They provided frequent updates on the progress of my car, and I was able to get it back days earlier than expected. Their work is excellent and my car looks brand new again.


Charles Mike

They do a great job every time


Alyssa Ryan

TK and the crew at Walt Sweeney Collision are amazing. Not only were they able to get my car in and repaired extremely quickly, but TK helped to answer all of my questions and they were able to fix an unrelated issue for me at the same time. My car came back looking brand new and super clean! Highly recommend!