How are Front Wheel Drive Engines Mounted?

Your vehicle's engine comes up with copious amounts of power each and every moment of operation. These rampant horses need a place to put all of their energy, and your vehicle's drivetrain provides an outlet for torque. This network runs from motor output-shafts to the axles of the vehicles. Axles are components that allow force to be transmitted to the wheels through a network of gears.

On front-wheel drive vehicles (FWD) the engines are usually mounted horizontally in the motor-compartments. This puts the engine output shafts in direct line with the front drive wheels, allowing for easier routing of torque. In addition to horizontally-mounted engines, FWD vehicles usually include unified transmission-differential units.

The power-transfer system on FWD vehicles is intricate and requires periodic service in order to ensure peak performance. Here at Walt Sweeney Ford in the Cincinnati, OH region, our certified differential and axle technicians have experience working with a wide-variety of power-transmission systems. To have your vehicle systems tuned, bring it to our Ford service place for a quick, no-obligation quote.

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