The Essential Guide to Jump Start Another Car Safely

The only things you are going to need to jump-start another car are the jumper cables, safety glasses, gloves, and of course a running vehicle. Once the two vehicles are nose-to-nose, kill the engine, turn off the car lights, and open both car hoods.

After you are wearing your safety glasses and gloves, unravel your jumper cables with red/black on each end. One red to positive battery terminal of the good battery. One red to positive on bad battery. One black to negative battery terminal of good battery. One black to connect to metal surface of car with dead battery. Now it is time to start the one car and wait a couple of minutes.

Try starting the car with the dead battery, it could take more than a few times before it is running. If you still experience trouble starting your car, it might be time to get a new battery from our service center here at Walt Sweeney Ford.

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